Magnetic Fly Screen Doors Melbourne

Protect your family from the terrors of mosquitos, flies and crawling insects by installing Magic Seal magnetic door screens on your Melbourne home. These premium fly screen doors allow your home to breathe, while your family stays protected from insects, without the constraints of framed screens.

The quality of our door screens will not be surpassed, and each comes with a 12 month warranty. As a family-owned, 100% Australian company, we are passionate about providing premium-quality, bespoke magnetic door screens for Melbourne and the surrounding region, and we are happy to answer any of your questions and provide support whenever asked.

Our range of stylish magnetic door screens will complement any taste. From French doors to concertinas, to sliding doors and even garages, we are able to fit any door we come across. Our highly-skilled technicians will ensure that our custom-built magnetic screens will fit tightly, keeping any would-be invaders outside where they belong.

Magic Seal door screens are held in place with velcro around the door frame rather than permanent door fixtures allowing for changes in style and taste over time without an expensive re-design. We use neodymium magnets which are strong, durable and will not weaken or rust. All door screens come with one central magnetic closure, unless the opening of the door frame is larger than usual, in which case we will determine if another is necessary. We can place the closure wherever you would like it - just ask!

Contact Magic Seal today for stylish and uniquely functional screen doors, fitted seamlessly to your home by our trained professionals.

At Magic Seal we are committed to protecting and preserving our world for further generations. Our magnetic door screens offer your Melbourne home an environmentally-friendly method of avoiding insects, without the use of pesticides or repellents. Help us protect the environment and let your home breathe easy, by employing our highly-skilled technicians to install a stylish and functional fly screen door in your Melbourne residence today.

On the shores of the Yarra River lies Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, and the second-largest city in Australia. Home to nearly four million residents, Melbourne hosts the AFL Grand Final and the Australian Grand Prix.


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